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Rio Parismina Lodge

Fall is Prime Time for Giant Snook!
July 2012

Rio Parismina Lodge, Costa Rica


Don't be left behind and miss the opportunity to see the spectacular fall feeding frenzies that Rio Parismina is so famous for! As most of our clients know, the fall is the time of the year when enormous schools of bait fish congregate in the river mouths attracting large schools of frantically feeding Tarpon! Along with these hungry beasts you will find other species--Jack Crevalles, King Mackerels, several types of Red Snappers, Snook, Triple Tails and even some small Tunas! It really is a free- for- all buffet table! This is the time of the year when the water from the central valley rains finds its way down to the river mouths on the Caribbean coast and the muddy water floats on top of the denser salt water. This gives these enormous schools of bait fish an ideal place to try and hide, but the wiley Tarpon are on to this ! The weather on the Caribbean coast is great during the fall season with usually little or no rain.

This is also a prime time for the giant Atlantic Snook! Many of our world record Snook have been caught during this season! The largest Atlantic Snook on the IGFA record is 53 lbs. 10 ozs. What a monster Snook! The largest ladies IGFA Snook is 49 lbs! Which of course is held by an avid snook angler, Judy Heidt-owner of the Rio Parismina Lodge.

Don't wait, call us today at 1-800-338-5688 or call your agent to reserve your spot in paradise and enjoy some of the finest Tarpon and Snook fishing in the world! We will be waiting for you to insure that you have the very best fishing adventure possible.

Tight Lines and Good Fishing
—Judy Heidt
Judy World Record Snook

Judy with World record Snook


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